As a highly seasoned IT professional with a decade of experience under my belt, I bring a wealth of expertise in systems implementation, user support, network and hardware maintenance, as well as consulting. Proficient in a diverse range of IT technologies, I have consistently delivered tangible results throughout my career. Currently, I am actively seeking fresh opportunities in the IT industry where I can leverage my skills and experience to make a significant contribution.


My track record of success encompasses several key areas:


► Systems Implementation: I have a proven track record of successfully implementing various IT systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP). I have played a pivotal role in ensuring smooth transitions and seamless integrations.
► User Support: With a strong focus on user satisfaction, I have provided exceptional support to a broad spectrum of users, ranging from end users to technical personnel. My dedication to prompt issue resolution and comprehensive assistance has consistently garnered positive feedback.
► Network and Hardware Maintenance: I have demonstrated proficiency in maintaining and supporting networks and hardware for diverse organizations. By diligently monitoring performance, troubleshooting issues, and implementing preventive measures, I have ensured the reliability and efficiency of critical IT infrastructure.
► Consulting: Leveraging my extensive knowledge and experience, I have offered valuable IT consulting services to numerous organizations. Through comprehensive analysis, strategic planning, and implementation guidance, I have assisted clients in enhancing their IT infrastructure and streamlining their operational processes.


Motivated by a strong work ethic and driven by results, I thrive both as an individual contributor and as a collaborative team player. Adaptable and open to new ideas, I constantly seek opportunities for personal and professional growth, always aiming to refine my skills.


The breadth of my expertise allows me to seamlessly transition into virtually any product or service segment within the IT industry. I am enthusiastic about acquiring new knowledge and continually improving my skill set to remain at the forefront of technological advancements.


Confident in my ability to make a meaningful impact, I believe I would be a valuable asset to your team. I welcome the opportunity to delve further into my qualifications and discuss how my skills align with your organization’s goals. Thank you for considering my candidacy, and I eagerly await the chance to connect and explore potential synergies.


• Softlayer Technologies do Brasil Ltda / IBM BRASIL – INDÚSTRIA MÁQUINAS E SERVIÇOS LIMITADA – Jundiaí / SP – Vinhedo / SP
Position: Server Built Technician – period: 04/2019 to the moment.
Function: Rack, build, cable, configure, and provision Intel and AMD servers. Rack, cable, and deploy Cisco Layer 2 networking equipment. Troubleshoot, test, and quality assurance of server hardware.
Professionally resolve hardware issues via ticket. Troubleshoot and resolve problems with basic network and operating system installations and configurations. Monitor and assist our automated provisioning system for new server orders. Monitor and escalate issues with customers’ servers as necessary.


• Agrana Fruit Brasil Ltda. – Cabreúva / SP
Position: Senior Support Analyst – period: 12/2015 to 03/2019
Function: Responsible for the integration between business and service providers across Austria, Mexico, and Brazil by acting as service owner. Responsible for all requests, incidents, changes, and problems (engage global teams according to the SLA). Manage all infrastructure and network projects in Brazil (all offices and warehouses). Define new and update/change existing IT-related processes and policies. Manage global and local IT vendors and providers regarding quality of service, SLAs, contracts, etc. Prepare and give technology tools training both online and on-site. Responsible for mobile management (devices and line numbers) and policy, network (Cisco routers, switches, etc.), IP telephones, servers, printers, videoconferencing, and other global IT services (such as Yammer, FileCloud, IDM, and others).


• Diageo Brasil Ltda. – São Paulo / SP
Position: Technical Support Analyst II – period:02/2014 to 11/2015
Function: support mobile (iOS and Android), support for VoIP telephony, video conference (Cisco) network support, support to information systems, and user support.


• Faculdade Calafiori – S. S. Paraíso / MG
Period: 08/2012 to 08/2013 – Position: IT Manager.
Function: support information systems, consulting in information technology, network support, and user support.


• Duzani Lingerie (Duarte e Zani Ltda.) – S. S. Paraíso / MG
Period: 07/2005 to 04/2012 – Position: IT Manager.
Function: support information systems, consulting in information technology, network support, and user support.


Bachelor in Information Systems, at Libertas Faculdades Integradas – Not Concluded


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